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The main safety threats for tourists are the pickpockets that gather in bus and train stations, as well as in the main touristic destinations in order to steal the bags and Money of unprepared tourists. Therefore you will need to use your common sense to avoid being the victim of a pickpocket. You need to stay alert at all times keeping your valuable objects, including jewelry and expensive watches, out of sight and act like you know what you are doing and where you are going (even if you have no clue). Lima, Cusco and Arequipa are the cities where there are more violent crimes like muggings, car thefts and robberies. Make sure you only use ATMs during the day and be careful if you see a stranger approaching you. It is advisable to book a cab to transport you to your hotel.
If you are already on the street and you can’t find a phone, make sure the cab you get on is an official one and has the required credentials. Travelers must also keep an eye out when using the public transport, especially if it is long distance given that bags, backpacks, mobile phones and laptops tend to disappear in these vehicles.

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