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TURISMO MER was born in the city of PUNO on June 7 1990. As it happens in any successful company, it was difficult at first, but that helped in building its character and determination. The company began its activities having only a Toyota minivan, with which it provided transport for passengers from Puno to Juliaca’s airport and from Puno to Casani (in the border between Peru and Bolivia). In time, and with a lot of sacrifice and hard work, we were able to purchase 3 minibuses, with MOPAR bodywork, of Bolivian origin due to the fact that it was difficult to acquire buses of Peruvian built bodywork. At that time, our main client was PERU RAIL and because it had constant difficulties in its trips from Puno to Cusco and vice versa we came to have exclusiveness in that service. After that, thanks to our punctuality and trustworthiness, our company received several prizes in Puno’s city and became one of the most well-know companies in its sector working together with the main tourism agencies in Arequipa, Cusco and Puno.
In 2003 we were already betting on the acquisition of the brand-new buses that were just entering the Peruvian market: the Mercedes Benz with IRIZAR Intercentury bodywork, which inspired amazement and desire to travel just by looking at them. Thanks to these buses, our company became increasingly known; this led to the purchase of a similar bus unit due to the popularity these buses got to have in the charter service.

In 2008, TURISMO MER expanded its operations by lunching a shared passenger’s service between the cities of Cusco and Puno, providing along the route a varied program that adjusted the expectations of the touristic sector. This time, thanks to our experience, trustworthiness and professionalism we were hired to work with the most important tourism agencies such as COLTUR, ANDEAN TOUR, CARRUSEL and CONDOR TRAVEL.

Nowadays, TURISMO MER is characterized by having the most up-to-date bus fleet and because of the implementation of quality standards and a constant technological improvement both in equipment and in systems. By monitoring carefully it operations in an external (operations) and internal (collaborators) level the leadership of TURISMO MER is based in its Safety, Punctuality and Comfort attributes. Such attributes are a consequence of the experience of its staff and the quality of its services as a leader company as well as of its constant innovation, planning, creativity and service development in order to fulfill the expectations of the contemporary market.

In 2014, TURISMO MER saw its operations and bus fleet grow to the point of acquiring brand-new two floored buses, minibuses and minivans that will allow our company to maintain its leadership over the touristic transport market, owning buses of diverse capacity in order to fulfill all of our client’s needs and keep our commitment towards a SAFE and PLEASEANT transport.

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