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By improving the quality of touristic transport we aspire to became, in the future, the leader company in touristic passenger transport in Peru, also hoping to be able to internationalize our brand and be known as a solid Peruvian company with the ability to cross borders.


To provide products and services of tangible quality in order to satisfy our client’s needs, expectations and preferences, offering at the same time the best quality-cost relationship and always keeping our commitment towards the development of our team as well as to the constant improvement of our corporate processes achieving an optimal profit.


  • Orientation towards people, because happy people have the ability to generate happy clients.
  • Orientation towards customers. They are the source of our entire income.
  • Efficacy: All of us have to be the main promoters of change.
  • Reliability with a high working performance, team work and a common goal: to make the name of PERU stand out in a long-lasting way.
  • Austerity: As we all are a part of the company, we have to watch out for unnecessary expenses in order to avoid them.
  • Constant innovation: We have the responsibility to constantly provide the market with something new and better. Because of that, innovation becomes a permanent need for our company in order to gain a spot in our client’s mind and be their first choice.
  • Leadership: We inspire and guide a better group performance in all of the professionals that work with us.
  • Philosophy: We always make our management and working decisions thinking about the long-term consequences, always keeping in mind our goal towards a solid future, even if that makes it seem like we are wasting our time in the short-term.

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