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We offer the safest and most comfortable way of travelling by bus between Cusco and Punto, and viceversa. Our services have daily departures in the morning as well as at night.



Service Time frame Boarding time Departure Time Arrival time
Cusco – Puno Daytime 08:00 am 08:20 am 03:15 pm
Puno – Cusco Daytime 08:00 am 08:30 am 03:15 pm


Service Time frame Boarding time Departure Time Arrival time
Cusco – Puno Nighttime 09:40 pm 10:00 pm 05:00 am
Puno – Cusco Nighttime 09:40 pm 10:00 pm 05:00 am


Service Time frame Price in US Dollars Price in Peruvian Soles
Cusco – Puno Diurno $ 25.00 S/. 70.00 Buy Now Book Now
Puno – Cusco Diurno $ 25.00 S/. 70.00 Buy Now Book Now
Cusco – Puno Nocturno $ 25.00 S/. 70.00 Buy Now Book Now
Puno – Cusco Nocturno $ 25.00 S/. 70.00 Buy Now Book Now


PUNO Windows 3, 4 and 5 – “Bloque IV”, Ground Terminal of Puno. View Map
CUSCO Window E – 3, Ground Terminal of Cusco. View Map



  • Transport in brand-new buses
  • Sofa-bed seats with a 160º tilt and ergonomic gel.
  • Blankets and pillows (only in the nighttime service).
  • Hot and cold beverages service on board.
  • Snack on board
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Kneeling System, for disabled people.
  • 2 professional drivers per service that are replaced every 4 hours of driving.


  • Sofa-bed seats, with three rows of seats.
  • Air conditioner
  • Heating system
  • Air purifier
  • Bad odor’s extractor
  • Porta-A-Potties on board
  • LED illumination system
  • Dividing curtins, between the seats
  • Audio and video system
  • Individual entertainment screens (on the first level only)
  • Wi-Fi on board (Only in locations that have Internet signal).


  • Transport from your hotel to our bus station and vice versa.
  • Boarding fee in ground terminals (TAME).

Travel Conditions


1. Lord before retiring passenger check your ticket to verify the information provided, we do not accept further claims. Every ticket is not transferable.

2. The cancellation of the trip. It may take place within 24 hours of initiation of it, having the power TOURISM MER. To charge the expenses that would have caused (70%)
3. TOURISM MER is not responsible for loss, damage, or loss or damages that may cause delays in departure or arrival of bus.
4. If the passenger does not show up 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the bus. TOURISM MER. It has the power to have their reservation without any responsibility or liability.

5. TOURISM MER, reserves the right to prevent the passenger’s journey in the following cases.
– The passenger is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants for the sake of the other passengers.
– Passengers whose physical health status or are not compatible with the trip.
– Passengers carrying weapons, ammunition, explosives or any object that represents danger for the trip.
– Passengers who carry objects that cause discomfort to others.
6. If the driver considers disembark any passenger due to force majeure having started the journey. The company will only reimburse the passenger the passage of the value according to the distance remaining.
7. If the company canceled the trip due to force majeure or refuses to accept any passenger sole responsibility will be to refund the fare.

8. The passenger must not include in your carry valuables (money, jewelry, securities) valuables which case are not subject to compensation for loss, loss or damage.
9. fortuitous or force majeure that prevent start or continue service events not generate responsibility to the concessionaire for loss. Damages that delays or developmental disorders trip cause.

NOTE. By acquiring the printed conditions and urgent measures are accepted.

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