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When you arrive to Peru, you will be entitled to enter, in your baggage, articles that are duty-free, but there are other articles that will be subjected to the Customs Special Treatment of Peru.
This regulation is applicable to Peruvians, foreign residents in Peru and foreign tourists that enter to the country.

Alert: During your stay in Peru is absolutely forbidden to acquire and to try to take out of the country archaeological or valuable historical artistic objects. Breaking this regulation will be cause of penal sanctions. Peru has international agreements, with almost every country in the world, for the confiscation of these objects when they are taken out of Peru. So, avoid taking unnecessary risks.
Luggage regulations


Garments that are noticed to be of the traveler’s personal use.
Toilet articles appropriate to the passenger’s condition.
Personal objects (use and ornament).
A hair drier.
An electric shaving machine.
A camera and up to five (5) rolls of film.
A video camera or videotape cassette recorder, not for professional use and up to five (5) rolls or cassettes.
Phonographic disks, recording tapes, compact disks or cassettes, all together for a maximum of ten (10) units.
Five cassettes for videotape recording.
A portable electronic calculator.
Medications of personal use.
Books, magazines and documents in general.
Up to twenty (20) packs of cigarettes, or fifty (50) cigars, or two hundred fifty (250) grams of chopped tobacco or in strands, to smoke.
Up to three (3) liters of liquor.
Up to three hundred US Dollars (US. $300) in diverse articles for personal use, traveler’s consumption or gifts, that for their quantity, nature and variety they should not be used for their trade, and whenever the unitary value of these articles does not exceed a hundred American dollars (US $100).
A mechanic, electric or electronic portable typewriter.
A wind or cord musical instrument.
A radio receiver, or a recording radio, or a cassette player, or a tape recorder, or a conventional record player or a compact disk, or an equipment that contains them all, whenever it is portable, with own energy source (CC/CC-CA).
Suitcases, bags or other containers of common use that contain the objects that constitutes the traveler’s baggage.
The objects declared as baggage when leaving the country, and that are listed in the declaration of temporary departure (for Peruvians and residents in Peru).
An alive animal as pet; without prejudice of demanding the execution of the corresponding sanitary regulations and whenever it arrives as accompanied baggage.
For the case of the handicapped or ill travelers the auxiliary means and necessary equipment for their mobilization (wheelchairs, stretchers, crutches among other), will be considered as duty-free luggage.
The exemptions pointed out in sections m. and n. of the present regulation will not be granted to those under 18 years old.
The entrance of vegetables, fruit-species or meats in natural state it is absolutely forbidden.


Travelers will be able to bring as luggage, articles not included in the duty-free items list, by paying the unique rate of 20% over the CIF value of the sum of articles whose value does not exceed a thousand US Dollars (US. $1.000). Being able to enter, by these methods, up to three thousand US Dollars (US. $3.000) each year.
In case of electric, electronic articles, tools, supplies and equipment that is part of the traveler’s activity, profession or occupation, these must not exceed (1) unit for each kind of article.
If you enter Peru by air, you should receive aboard of the plane a format of the Official Luggage Declaration, in order to declare the articles you carry with you. This declaration will be filled, even if you do not have any article to declare, by writing down your personal data and then the declaration of such articles, if needed.
In the Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima) the office of Customs is located in the same room in which baggage deliveries are carried out. If you have any payments to do, you should ask for a payment’s receipt.
The value of each article will be considered according to the list of appraisals of the Peruvian customs. It is advisable that the traveler carries with him the payment’s receipt of the articles that will be declared for the payment of customs rights.
CIF Value: It is the value of the article in the sale’s place, plus the value for its transportation up until the entrance points to Peru. The payment of customs rights may be carried out in US Dollars or in Nuevos Soles.

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