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Climate in Peru

Because of its geographical location in the Tropical Zone of the Southern Hemisphere, Peru should have a warm, wet and rainy weather. Nevertheless, the presence of the Andes Mountain Range, the anticyclonic flow of the South Pacific and the Humbolt Current determined the climate conditions of our country, giving birth to a great variety of climates.
In the coastal area it hardly ever rains and the climate is characterized by a dense fog and weak rains between May and November which create a cold feeling even though the annual average temperature varies between 14ºC and 18ºC. In summer (from December to April) the humidity goes down and the sun shines intensely.
Both in the Highland as in the jungle there is a dry season (between May and October) when there are plenty of sunny days; and a rainy season (“the winter”) between December and March). While the highland has a dry and cold climate, with an annual average temperature that varies between 9 y 18ºC, the jungle has a tropical climate with temperatures that go from 26ºC to 40ºC.
In the inter-Andean valleys is possible to find dry and mild climates almost throughout the entire year, with some raining periods during “the summer”.
In order to provide you with further information regarding the climate, we give you a general review of the different regions of the country.


Some drizzles are only present in an area of 50 kilometers surrounding Lima. In the rest of the coast, the climate is dry (it hardly ever rains) and hot throughout the entire year. The hottest periods are from December to March. Nevertheless, in winter nights, it is colder which is why you will probably need warmer clothes.


The Highland climate is characterized by the fact that it is reversed, which means that it presents a pattern similar to the one of the Northern Hemisphere.
Generally we can distinguish between 2 seasons: a dry one, from May to October, when it is hotter during the day (even though it gets cold at night), and a rainy one, from November to April, when it usually rains in the afternoon (though that is not always the case). Nevertheless, mornings are usually sunny and nights are not as cold as in the dry season.


Much like the mountain, the jungle has 2 seasons: a dry one, from May to October, and a rainy one, from November to April.
During the dry season, the weather is warm both during the day and night.
In the rainy season, humidity goes up. Nevertheless, the nights are usually cold.

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