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In Turismo Mer, we are aware of the continual improvement and implementation of new resources that make our company successful. Therefore, we are always trying to provide new and improved services that turn us into your first choice when you are looking for a safe and innovative mean of transport.


Taking into account the constant need to communicate and be up-to date, Turismo Mer has a Wi-Fi service free of charge in every bus.
This service may only be used in locations with an Internet signal.




cargadores-de-celulares-turismo-merBATTERY CHARGER:

As we are always thinking about your comfort, our buses are equipped with universal plugs, making it possible for you to charge the battery of your laptop, tablet, camera or mobile phone in a safe and reliable way.




Working even harder towards your comfort we provide the service of delivery of tickets. This means that we will deliver your bus tickets to your hotel free of charge.





In order to achieve a better identification of our passengers and to be able to personalize our guided services, our passengers receive on board an ID as VIP passengers so they will have a preferential treatment on the visitation spots.



pan-chuta“CHUTA” BREAD.

As a part of our service we make a stop at the town of Oropesa, also known as a Regional Capital of Bread, and whose most famous bread is the “Chuta” Bread. The recipe of this bread remains a secret fiercely guarded by its bakers. The sampling of this bread is only held in the tour from Cusco to Puno.

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